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Risk Management for Enterprises and Individuals
Author: Etti Baranoff, Patrick Lee Brockett, Yehuda Kahane Category: Management Publisher: Saylor Foundation Published: 01 Sep, 2009 ISBN: 9780982361801 Pages: 1234 Language: English File Size: 11MB Download

This book is intended for the Risk Management and Insurance course where Risk Management is emphasized.

When we think of large risks, we often think in terms of natural hazards such as hurricanes, earthquakes or tornados. Perhaps man-made disasters come to mind such as the terrorist attacks in the U.S. on September 11, 2001. Typically we have overlooked financial crises, such as the credit crisis of 2008. However, these types of man-made disasters have the potential to devastate the global marketplace. Losses in multiple trillions of dollars and in much human suffering and insecurity are already being totaled, and the global financial markets are collapsing as never before seen.




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