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Students From More Than 100 Different Countries

2 years ago
SSBM Geneva’s students come from more than 100 countries in the world.

We are pleased to highlight that SSBM Geneva students come from more than 100 different countries. The below picture shows countries where SSBM Geneva students come from and who are currently studying with us. Our diverse student body comes from countries such as Bolivia, Chile, Croatia, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Haiti, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Romania, Namibia, Russia, UK, Singapore, South Africa, Vanuatu, USA, Bulgaria etc.

The importance of diversity at SSBM Geneva

SSBM Geneva highly encourages diversity within the student body, faculty members and partners. Fostering inclusion and empowering diversity is one of our core values, which brings positive benefits to the overall community as well as the program. It is essential for SSBM Geneva to prepare students for the ever-evolving diverse environment and to highlight the significance of multicultural awareness.

Origin of SSBM Geneva Students
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