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What’s new in Sports Law?

2 years ago

The Master in Sports Law with us at SSBM Geneva discusses relevant and prevalent topics in the Sports Law field. It equips students with the skills to combat issues. So what are some of the issues and topics that can come up? The Master in International Sports Law is designed with the objective to provide you with latest and most updated knowledge and expertise of both the academic and practical insights of the unique and fascinating field of Law applied to the Sports industry and the Sports Activity. The program is aimed at students, graduated in law or in other relevant academic fields, as well as already experienced lawyers looking to boost their legal career in the sports sector. Take a look to see what are some new themes in Sports Law this year.

Corruption and Integrity in Sport: This is not an unheard topic in the sporting world but due to the recent and ongoing pandemic we have seen heightened activities in this field. Corruption and Integrity in sport issues can look like safeguarding malpractices, bullying, match fixing to name but a few. Many governmental organisations in different course have tried to combat this through different plans as well as through media and culture.

The new WADA Code: One of the major modifications for WADA occurred in 2021 where a new code was brought to light. This code introduced new regulations regarding ani-doping rule violations as well as the responsibility of the athlete to disclose the identity of their ASP within the organization. Learn more about the World Anti Doping Agency Code, their regulations and how the organization functions during the program.

Contracts regarding players data and image rights: This is a prevalent topic, especially due to the speed of which technology and the world is developing. In recent years as well as in 2022 players are taking more and more precautions when it comes to signing contracts so that they have more rights in general but also when it comes to their own image and how it is portrayed. This is where agents and sports lawyers jump in to protect their clients and they are looking to take action around the licensing of these rights. Learn more about the role of different organisations in this topic, whether it be FIFA or the NFL.

Esports: Again due to the pandemic there was an exponential growth in esports internationally. Regulations for these sports are not traditional and this is another issue sports lawyers and agents face, especially since different organisations do not even recognise e sports as a sport. These trends must be followed in order for improved governance to esports.

Learn more about these topics in the Master in International Sports Law program. For more information please contact us at

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