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SSBM Geneva student second youngest DBA student worldwide!

1 year ago

Second youngest person in the world to hold an DBA degree at the age of 22 years 364 days!

Dr. Sagar Bansal recently completed his DBA with us at SSBM Geneva, making him the second youngest person in the world to hold a DBA degree.

Take a look below to see how Dr. Bansal found his studies with us and how the degree can be beneficial to your career.

From a career perspective, DBA has already got me a 20 times return. I have learned so much during my research that it completely changed my life around. I have already improved most of my investing processes, I have been contacted by so many top broking firms in the last two months and it was all because of this research that I am able to speak like a true expert in my field maybe because I have now actually become one!

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