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Professor Dario Silić Engages in Insightful Discussions at EFRI Economic Forum!

7 months ago

Prominent Figures, Including Government Officials and Business Leaders, Gather to Explore Economic Trends and Strategies

Professor Dario Silić played a vital role in the first Economic Forum of the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka (EFRI) on Friday, November 17, 2023.

The EFRI Economic Forum, a significant platform focusing on disseminating information and knowledge to business professionals, delved into topics crucial for the economic landscape. The event aimed to educate and inform businessmen about the current state, trends, and future perspectives of the economic council. Professor Dario Silić contributed his expertise to enrich the discussions and provide valuable insights.

Dario Silić shared the stage with notable figures, such as Vice President of the Government Oleg Butković and the Governor of the central bank, Mr. Vujčić. Representatives from various companies also participated, creating an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge.

The forum featured an engaging program with four distinct panels, each addressing critical aspects of the economic landscape. The panels included “Reflection on the business environment in Croatia,” “The future of sustainability: How ESG strategy transforms corporate management,” “EFRI Economic Council: Strategic projects – challenges and opportunities,” and “Artificial intelligence: Challenges and opportunities for the business world.”

Throughout the forum, participants engaged in dynamic discussions, analyzing the latest trends and challenges within the business environment. The event provided a platform for the exploration of proposals and guidelines that could shape the future development of the Croatian economy.

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