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SSBM Kick Starts 2024 Academic Year: Geneva and Zagreb Campuses Begin with Exciting Courses

5 months ago

Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM) kicks off 2024 with engaging lectures at both Zagreb Instructional Site and Geneva Campus.

Geneva Campus: Diverse Courses for MBA and BA Students

Geneva Campus welcomed its students with a diverse range of courses catering to both MBA and BA programs. For MBA students, the seasoned Prof. Olena Iarmosh led the Data Analysis course, equipping participants with the essential skills for navigating the data-driven landscape of contemporary business.

In the spirit of sustainable business practices, Barbora Gulejova guided BA students through the intricacies of Sustainability Management

For BA students, the Geneva Campus commenced with an engaging Intro to Business Communication course led by Prof. Iva Buljubašić, offering foundational skills in effective communication within the corporate world.

Zagreb Instructional Site: MBA Courses

At the Zagreb Instructional Site, MBA Lecturer Maja Vučić started the Organizational Behaviour course, delving into the intricacies of workplace dynamics and human behavior within organizational structures. Simultaneously, the MBA students explored the Human Side of Leadership under the expert guidance of MBA Lecturer Saša Petar.

The school looks forward to a semester filled with exploration, collaboration, and academic excellence, fostering the next generation of leaders and professionals.

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