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Navigating Success: Insights from SSBM Geneva’s Professional Development Workshop!

5 months ago
Professional Development WorkshopProfessional Development Workshop

In a bid to empower students and professionals with essential skills for career growth, the Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva hosted a highly successful Professional Development Workshop at Geneva campus.

Professional Development Workshop
Professional Development Workshop

Key Highlights:

Interactive Learning Sessions

The event commenced with insightful discussions on effective communication, emphasizing clarity and conciseness in professional interactions.

Crafting a Swiss Standard CV

A focal point of the workshop was the guide on creating a Swiss standard CV. Participants received practical tips to stand out in the competitive job market, enhancing their employability.

The workshop underscores SSBM Geneva’s commitment to holistic education, going beyond academic knowledge to prepare students for success in the competitive professional landscape. As participants leave with enhanced skills and confidence, the impact of this workshop is expected to resonate in their careers for years to come.

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