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SSBM Geneva welcomes Stéphane Volland and Stéphanie Peter for Insightful Session on Sustainability Management course!

5 months ago
Guest speakers on SSBM GenevaGuest speakers on SSBM Geneva

The Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva experienced a profound enrichment in its Sustainability Management course as it welcomed distinguished guest speakers Stéphane Volland and Stéphanie Peter on February 13, 2024.

Mr. Volland, Director and Co-founder, and Ms. Peter, an ESG, Impact & Strategy Leader and Co-founder, brought invaluable insights to the sixth lesson, focusing on the theme “Agile Management: An Efficient Way to Sustainable Prosperity!”

Representing, a renowned entity in the realm of sustainable practices, their discussion delved into the philosophy of company transformation. They shed light on the significance of agile management methodologies in fostering sustainable prosperity, underlining the indispensable roles played by human resources and economic growth strategies in this context.

Guest speakers on SSBM Geneva

The session was not just theoretical; it was enriched with real-world examples and transformation success stories, providing students with a tangible understanding of how sustainability principles can be effectively applied to achieve prosperous business outcomes. By showcasing practical insights and strategies, they facilitated a deeper comprehension of navigating the complexities inherent in sustainable business practices.

Their lecture proved to be a cornerstone moment in the course, offering students a comprehensive view of the interplay between agile management and sustainable business strategies.

SSBM Geneva prioritizes sustainability in modern business education, providing students with invaluable opportunities to interact with industry experts.

We are looking forward to our next Sustainability workshop!

Find out more about our ESG and Sustainability practices below.


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