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Navigating Risk: SSBM Geneva’s Successful Risk Management Course!

2 months ago
Last class of Risk ManagementLast class of Risk Management

The Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM Geneva) recently concluded its Risk Management course at the Zagreb Instructional Site, led by Professor Ozren Hudina, mag.oec, MBA.

Comprehensive Learning

The course focused on modern theoretical concepts, equipping students with tools and methodologies for risk identification, evaluation, and mitigation in a business context.

Expert Guidance

Professor Hudina, with his wealth of experience, guided students through dynamic discussions, case studies, and practical exercises, providing a holistic perspective on contemporary risk management.

Future Professional Journey

As the final class concluded, students expressed gratitude for the valuable insights gained, confident that the acquired skills will prove indispensable in their professional journeys.

SSBM Geneva remains committed to delivering high-quality education, exemplified by the success of the Risk Management course at the Zagreb instructional site.

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