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Celebrating Academic Achievement and International Connections at SSBM Geneva!

4 months ago
DBA defence on SSBM GenevaDBA defence on SSBM Geneva

Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva recently had the privilege of hosting a remarkable two distinguished individuals – Ashok George Verghese, the esteemed director of Hindustan University, and Sundeep Sudhakara Menon, a dynamic entrepreneur. Dr. Verghese and Dr. Menon graced our institution to defend their Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) dissertation theses.

The atmosphere was charged with intellectual enthusiasm as Dr. Ashok George Verghese and Dr. Sundeep Sudhakara Menon presented their research findings and engaged in rigorous discussions with the academic panel. Their insightful contributions and scholarly rigor reflected years of dedicationresearchand academic pursuit, making the defense session an enriching experience for all involved.

Beyond the academic exchange, the occasion also provided a platform for fostering international connections. Recognizing the importance of such collaborative endeavors in today’s globalized world, we seized the opportunity to celebrate the spirit of networking and academic excellence.

In the spirit of appreciation, symbolic gestures of gratitude were exchanged between the delegations. These tokens of appreciation not only served as tangible reminders of the fruitful collaboration but also symbolized the bonds forged through shared academic pursuits and mutual respect.

As we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Ashok George Verghese and Dr. Sundeep Sudhakara Menon on their well-deserved achievement, we also celebrate the broader significance of their success. Their dedication to academic excellence and scholarly inquiry exemplifies the values cherished at SSBM Geneva – values of innovation, collaboration, and lifelong learning.

At SSBM Geneva, we take pride in nurturing such talent and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas across borders. Events like the DBA dissertation thesis defense serve as poignant reminders of the transformative power of education and the boundless opportunities it offers for personal and professional growth.

May their accomplishments inspire others to pursue excellence relentlessly and may the connections forged during their time at SSBM Geneva continue to thrive and flourish, enriching the global academic community in the process.

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