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MBA Students Conclude Innovation and Change Management Course at Zagreb Instructional Site

4 months ago
SSBM last class Innovation and change ManagementSSBM last class Innovation and change Management

The Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva marked the culmination of its Innovation and Change Management course for MBA students at its Zagreb Instructional Site, led by esteemed Professor Velimir Srića.

Enhancing Skills:

The students developed a profound understanding of innovation and creativity as phenomena in general, and specifically within an organizational environment. They explored the intricate dynamics of fostering innovation and driving change within businesses.

Specifically, they focused on projects centered around digital transformation and creating added value, equipping themselves with essential capabilities for driving organizational growth in today’s digital age.

Beginning of a New Chapter:

The closure of the Innovation and Change Management course marks not only the end of a transformative learning experience but also the beginning of a new chapter for MBA students as they apply their knowledge and skills to drive innovation and navigate change in their respective careers.

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