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SSBM Geneva Hosts Successful Immersion Week for DBA Students!

4 weeks ago
Immersion weekImmersion week

The Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva (SSBM Geneva) recently concluded a highly productive Immersion Week tailored for its Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) students. The week-long event, brought together a diverse cohort of 18 students representing India, Croatia, and Vietnam.

DBA Immersion week at SSBM Geneva

Immersion Week Objective

The primary objectives of the Immersion Week were to provide new DBA students with a comprehensive orientation and to establish a strong foundation in research fundamentals. The event featured intensive workshops, mentor sessions, and a stimulating panel discussion aimed at enriching the students’ academic journey.

Workshops and Sessions

  1. Crafting a Research Question and Hypothesis Development
    Led by Olivier Naray, Ph.D, this workshop guided students through the crucial steps of formulating meaningful research questions and developing hypotheses.
  2. Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods and Statistics, Data Collection Strategies
    Prof. Dr. Leif Erik Wollenweber facilitated this workshop, focusing on equipping students with essential skills in research methods, statistical analysis, and effective data collection strategies.
  3. Academic Writing Skills
    Prof. Dr. Iva Buljubasic conducted a workshop dedicated to enhancing students’ academic writing abilities, crucial for effectively communicating research findings.

Mentor Sessions

Throughout the week, students benefited from personalized mentorship sessions with esteemed faculty members. These sessions provided invaluable guidance tailored to individual student needs, ensuring a supportive learning environment.

Panel Discussion: “From Business to Academia – Navigating Interdisciplinary Research”

A highlight of the week was a thought-provoking panel discussion featuring experts in academia and interdisciplinary research:

  1. Prof. Viola Krebs, PhD
  2. Stefano Cozza, PhD
  3. Prof. BhanuKiran Desiraju
  4. Prof. Dr. Leif Erik Wollenweber
  5. Prof. Dr. Iva Buljubasic

The panelists shared insights and experiences, offering students unique perspectives on bridging the gap between business practices and academic research.

SSBM Geneva looks forward to organizing similar enriching events in the future, reinforcing its commitment to fostering academic excellence and global perspectives among its DBA students.

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